Does getting back at your cheating boyfriend make you feel any better?



I don’t really know if revenge is such a good thing, but sometimes you cannot help yourself. When my boyfriend cheated on me, I just knew that i had to get back at him. It may sound a bit primeval, but I also sought advice from my friends at London escorts. I had this intense desire to gang up on my boyfriend with my colleagues from London escorts, and teach him a lesson. Did I get anything out of it? I am not so sure that I did but at the time I felt good. Of course, now you can’t really use Social Media. New laws have come into effect here in the UK, and you cannot harass somebody over the Internet. The girls from London escorts and I did not know about this at the time, and decided to go the Internet route to make life difficult for my boyfriend who had by that time become my ex. My friends at London escorts had lots of different ideas, but one idea really stood out. My boyfriend and always dreamed about joining a team of male London escorts, and this gave us the best idea. In the end, we decided to use our Internet savvy and design a web site about male escorts. I cannot give my friends at escorts in London enough credit. They came up with all sorts of things that we could put on this website, and in the end it did look like a professional escorts in London website. Actually it looked so good that a couple of male London escorts were really impressed and we ended up building a site for them as well. Anyway, to cut a long story short, we listed my boyfriend‘s phone number on the site, and we pressed the launch button on screen. That was not all that we did. We also set up Social Media accounts in his name, and used photos which I had taken of him during our time together. This is now completely illegal so you should not try this yourself. Looking back, I think that I, and my friends from London escorts, got away with blue murder. We found out that my boyfriend’s phone started ringing at all hours of the day and night, and he was even getting phone calls when he was at work. All of the callers thought they were calling a professional London escorts service. At first, we heard on the grapevine, my boyfriend was delighted and even went on a few dates. But, after a little while our Social Media efforts kicked in, and my boyfriend’s employer got wind of what was going on. Being a private bank in London, there was no way that they wanted to be associated with a London escorts service, and my boyfriend was told to leave the agency or leave his job. Of course, he stuck with his job, but the entire episode has not done a lot for his promotional chances. We have now taken down the website, and sold it off actually, but today we are still enjoying what we did.

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