From London Escorts to Pro Gold Digger

I had been working for the elite London escorts service for three years when it suddenly closed down. It was such a shame as I was actually doing well at the agency. I had started escorting about nine years ago at a cheap London escorts service and sort of worked my way up in the ranks. Did I really want to go start again and find another escort agency in London to work for at the age of 29? I was not really sure about that at all.


As far as I was concerned, the gloves were off and I kept my little black diary. I had a small income from a rental property I owned and it would cover my living expenses, but I may still have to find myself another job. A date had left the Sun News paper behind, and as I went to through it away, I noticed a headline about Gold Diggers. In other words, girls who dated men with loads of cash and got them to pay for their lifestyle. Maybe that would be something that would suit a former girl from an elite London escorts service.


Apparently a lot of these girls used social media profiles to hook up with men. I was not really good at that, but I did have some very nice and alluring photos of myself. Could I use them? When I got off my London escorts that night, I quickly looked through my photos. Yes, they would be fine. In the end I ended up staying up half of the night going through my wardrobe and jewellery box. Apparently you needed to look a million dollars, and I soon realised that thanks to my dates, I would be able to do just that.


Luckily for me, it was Saturday the next day. I thought about going out looking for a job. Yesterday had been my last day with the London escorts service I had worked for and I was pretty much ready to move on. It was pouring down outside, and I decided to stay in to work on my social profile. Also, I texted some of the men I had been dating at London escorts letting them know I was now working independently as an escort in London. I thought it would tie me over I was getting something out of my new profession.


A couple of weeks later, and after a lot of hard work on social media, I met my first man. I had managed to find a job in an upmarket lingerie store in London as a cover, and was also doing a little bit of escorting for hand picked men. I knew them from London escorts, so I was happy to meet up with them so I did  not have to raid my bank balance. My first mark was Stephen who was sitting opposite me right now. We had met on social media and he shared my interest of walking. Little did he know that he was just receiving my attention because I was after his money. He had fallen hook line and sinker for my story of being lonely in London, and had promised to spoil me rotten. Just what a gold digger wants to hear.


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