Maybe You Should Try Something Completely Different

When I visited London last year, I got into my head I wanted to try something different. Up until then, I had been happy dating London escorts on a one to one basis. Did I have a great time? Of course, I had a really great time with all of the escorts I hooked up with in London, but sometimes I felt like I was missing something. I had enjoyed so many amazing experiences with escorts in London, but at the same time, I did feel I was ready to try something new.

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London is the perfect place to try something new. What I really like about the escort service in London, is that the girls are always coming up with new ideas. A couple of years ago, the girls introduced a party girl service, and after that came escorts for couples. The latest craze in London is BDSM, and you will find that a lot of girls at London escorts have really gone into BDSM. That is why I decided to check it out on my visit to London.

BDSM has always been one of those things I have fancied trying. It is not the thing you talk about, so I thought I would leave it and check it out when I came to London. After having hooked up with my regular girl at elite London escorts services, I soon find a range of escort agencies in London offer BDSM. I checked a couple of them out, and decided to go for a girl who had her own dungeon. She made it sound exciting, and it looked like a complete experience.

A couple of days later, I was on my first London escorts BDSM date. I was a bit anxious at first, and I must admit that Mistress Lucy’s dungeon did unnerve me a bit. It was clear that this young lady was serious about her interest in BDSM. It took me a little while to get over my fight and flight response, but when I finally did so, I did settle down with Mistress Lucy. She was not as demanding as it had seemed at first and we were soon getting on really great.

It does cost a little bit more to have a BDSM London escorts experience, but it is worth it. Mistress Lucy was a bit like a character actress, and I could not tell the difference between the mistress and the real person. Perhaps I was not meant to. After that I have checked out other BDSM services from London escorts but I keep coming back to Mistress Lucy. She is by far the hottest mistress I have met in London. I am rather taken by her, and I am always telling her that she would do really well in the States. She really knows how to turn you on, and get you involved with a savage style playful experience. If you would like to take a walk on the wildside, Mistress Lucy is certainly the girl for you.

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