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How to overcome the fear when you’re young that if you pick one person, you’re missing out on other different experiences.

When you’re with someone, you shouldn’t care about other experiences. You should feel lucky, basically. Oh my gosh, I’m so happy I found this great guy. I don’t care what else is out there. But at the same time, I understand, oh my gosh.

I think if you’re maybe on the verge of getting with someone and you’re like oh, do I want to be with this person or do I want to experience infinite possibilities?

I feel like if you are having that debate in your head and you’re worrying about that, then maybe you aren’t ready to commit to one person. Because you’re already. Thinking about it. Yeah, you’re second guessing. And then you might end up resenting that person for not allowing you to have these other experiences said by the girls from Escort Couples of

I mean, it all goes down to choice. At the end of the day, I feel like once you find a connection with someone and you click, especially if you’re into monogamy, you’re not going to care about what else is out there because you’re just like oh my gosh, I’m so happy I found this one person.

I don’t really care about other experiences. This is my experience. And also that you’re young. So maybe you kind of have a relationship with one person right now and then that ends and then you experience a different kind of relationship and then you’re single for a bit said by the girls from Escort Couples Escorts.

There’s so much to experience. And I wouldn’t worry. I recently got into a relationship I really like.

My partner, during sex, he’s quite rough when he’s fingering me. He’s made me bleed a couple times.

How do I tell him to stop without making things awkward?

My darling. You’re bleeding. Does he notice that you’re bleeding? Has that been addressed? It shouldn’t be awkward, it’s your body. Don’t put his feelings before your own health, your emotions. You need to talk to him. also I feel like people get scared that they’re gonna hurt someone’s feelings when they say stuff, but every time this has happened to me and I communicate something that I want that maybe isn’t what they’re doing, they’re always so grateful.

They’re like yes, this is great. Cause then they have the tools in order to please you and that’s ultimately what a partner should want.

And hopefully you’re not with someone who has too much pride and already thinks that they know what they’re doing cause I feel like there are some guys who are just like no, I’ve been with lots of girls.

It’s so important to literally address something as serious as bleeding, especially when you’re not on your period. There’s nothing wrong with saying oh, I don’t really like it like that.


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