Do Escorts As a Girlfriend Work?

I could not believe my luck when the girl that I have been taking out on London escorts dates, told me she was in love me with me. Not only was she 18 years younger than me, but at the same time, she was the best looking girl that I have ever seen and dated. Most girls who work for London escorts are good looking but there was something special about this girl. This one could turn heads.

Since we both realised that we were in love with each other, my girlfriend has left London escorts. Most of my friends thought that I was a bit nuts letting a young who is so much younger than I move in with me, but I am pretty sure that I have done the right thing. My friends have worked me that she may be a gold digger but I feel that she is not, After all, would she leave London escorts and her career to hook up with any older guy?

Anyway, I am trying to hang on to her as hard as I can. I don’t want her to go back to working for London escorts. She did really when she worked for London escorts and has got her own flat in London which she rents out, As far as I am concerned, she can keep the income from her flat. I am making sure that she has everything that she needs such as a car and credit cards. In other words, I do spoil her.

Do I let her do whatever she wants? I have had some friends who have been in relationships with younger women, Were they London escorts? As far as I am concerned, none of the girls that my friends lived with were former London escorts. They were just ordinary girls. My girl does whatever she wants during the day. I know that she lives in the gym and that she has also done a course as a nail technician. Now she is spending a lot of her time doing other girls’ nails.

In many ways, I guess that she is a bit of a trophy girlfriend, she is beautiful and makes everyone jealous that she is with me. When I come home from work, I know that she is going to be there. When we go out for the night, she makes my friends’ heads turn with her sexy and stunning looks. We don’t talk about the fact that she used to work for London escorts anymore. To me, she is my hot and sexy girlfriend who I love to take on holiday with me and spoil rotten. What harm can it do? Like I tell my friends, at the end of the day it is only money and you can’t take it with you. There are times I worry that our relationship is going to end up, but I have this feeling that we are a very good match and I don’t want to let go of her.

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