Do you have any special experiences that you like to savour?

There are certain things that I like more than others, and like the rest of the girls at Hackney escorts of, I do have my favorite things that I like to do or enjoy. I had never really spent a lot of time thinking about it until one of my gents asked me over a dinner date the other night. Let me think about it I said, and then I just sat there for a moment and thought about.


He looked at me a bit funny when I exclaimed croissants. As a matter of fact, I would say that the guy looked completely puzzled. Surely he knew about croissants! Clearly he did not know about croissants and I ended up explaining to him while I thought that croissants were so great. First of all, you can dip them into coffee and they come out deliciously soggy. You can also eat them with smoked salmon and cheese with a knife and a fork for your lunch.


Number to thing that I really love is going perfume shopping. Ask any of the other girl at Hackney escorts and they will tell you that they hate perfume shopping. The funny thing is that it is true for a lot of women, and it is not only the girls at Hackney escorts who hate to go perfume shopping. I love it and I can spend all day doing it. Going perfume shopping is the perfect excuse for going around all of the posh shops in London. When you get really good at it, you can pick up some great free samples as well.


What else do I like doing when I am not at Hackney escorts? Well, I had to be honest with my date and tell him that I liked eating French toast around his place. As I sat there, I watched his jaw drop and I guess a girl had never told him that she liked his French toast before. He started to smile and asked me why. I said that he was the only person I knew who would give me French toast with maple syrup and that made all of the difference.


Isn’t it funny how it is the small things in life that really matters when you stop and think about it. I never thought that I would appreciate French toast with maple syrup but I love it. As I get older I guess that the list will change a little bit, but I am not sure it will change too much. There are certain things that a girl can’t live without. You may think that it is all of the things that glitter but that is not true. I keep on wondering what would happen if you asked the other girls at Hackney escorts what their favorite things are when it all comes down to it. How many of them like French toast….and how many of them get French toast.

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