He is so good at this

Does the man who is good at everything actually exist? My mom is one of these ladies who is very straight talking if you know what I mean. Years ago, she worked as a stripper in London and did some dating for a London escorts service on the side. She is totally open minded about me working for cheap escorts and at the same time, we can talk about everything. My poor mom has not really found the love of her life.

Instead she seems to thrive on casual encounters, and I am pretty sure that she could write the rule book on men by now.This weekend, I went to see her in her new flat in Greenwich. We spent some time talking about my work at London escorts, and reminisced a little about her time with London escorts. Things have clearly changed and it is obvious that working for London escorts is a much professional undertaking than it used to be when my mom was into escorting in London. Did she miss it? Yes, she did say that she miss her time there a little bit.

I had just broken up with my boyfriend when I went to see my mom. It was clear that he did not appreciate me working for London escorts. My mom asked me if he was any good in bed. I was honest with her, I told her that in general he was great in bed, but lousy at oral sex. She told me that I was not very likely to find a man who is good at everything. We both laughed. It was so true. Some of the men I dated at London escorts used to think that they were God’s gift to women, but the truth was, that they only held themselves in very high esteem.

On the way home on the Underground, I started to wonder if you could find a man who as good at everything. I started to recall the men I dated at London escorts and had to smile to myself. One of them, Brian, was good with his hands. He could fix everything from a leaking tap to my curtain pole which had fallen down during a particular vigorous session I had enjoyed with Brian in my London escorts boudoir.

Then we have the sexy Steven who just loves himself and bragged about building his own house and being a complete sex guru. I am not sure what is true. One thing I do know is that Steven’s house building skills are a little bit questionable. His roof always seems to be leaking and getting something else up can be hard work at times. He makes me laugh and I really enjoy his company. Would I get him to fix anything in my apartment? No, I don’t think so, I rather be safe than sorry. He is a lovely guy, but getting him to fix anything is not something that I would risk.

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