I just moved on from someone who treated me poorly

Someone who makes me feels like I am everything to him but eventually lost it. Maybe it’s true that a person’s feelings changes, and we cannot do anything about it what we can save ourselves from that. Being in that position is not easy at all. You have to remember that you are not anyone’s prison, so you can have your freedom as much as you liked it. To have someone who makes your life a lot happier is everything, but don’t be fooled by that. Look at how she treats you. If you have been hurt many times and don’t feel like it anymore, just move on. Just make a way how you can escape that life. Happiness is not about having a partner all the time; you can find them with people that love you or if that means being alone. Good for me is that we have children who understand me and why I did leave their father.

Even then are afraid of him and got trauma because of him. He has no mercy on us. I am thankful for my petite escort family, who saved me when no one offers a hand. I am grateful for them because they let me enter into a work that could change my life so much. What I like about being a petite escort is that it gives me a new beginning. I slowly forgot my ex-husband abused to me; I had given my kids a great life too. Being a petite escort of https://charlotteaction.org/petite-escorts helps me raise good money that I bought a house, car, and material stuff. I also had now a business that I run. I am thankful for the struggles and experiences I went through; those are just the steps of my success. Those are the steps of me becoming a petite escort.

I heard that my ex-husband is now finding a way to get our kids, but thank God, the court does not. I got all the evidence of his terrible actions, and so on for that, I could raise our kids alone. Our marriage annulled too. That is why it’s a double celebration for me. Being a petite escort also helps me raise awareness to everyone dealing with a turbulent relationship with their spouses. They have to be strong enough to walk always and leave that situation. I am thankful that my career as petite escorts gives me a way to help others. There are lots of people coming to me and getting my advice. My ex-husband is now trying his best to apologize to me and beg to build our family again. I was once asking that for him, but he ignores me. He never listens to me instead of keeping beating me whenever he wants. I am a strong and independent woman now, and I love myself, my kids, and I don’t need him.

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