I took some time off, and after a couple of months, I sat up Sugar Babes International.


It was the first international Sugar Babe agency which offered girls from around the world to gentlemen in the UK, and the rest of the world as well. At first, it was a nerve wrecking experience but it soon got off the ground in real style. According to London escorts quality cheap London escorts agency from https://charlotteaction.org/.


One of the things I had learned at London escorts, was that guys from different countries liked to date ladies from a foreign country to them. Speaking to the guys I used to date, I soon realised that it went back to when they were younger. For instance, an English guy often thought that Swedish ladies were super hot, and I made sure that I had a lot of sexy Swedish Sugar Babes available.


To be honest, I have always found that a lot of English guys enjoy the company of foreign girls. Maybe this is why we have so many foreign London escorts. When you start looking around London, you cannot help but to notice that there are some really hot foreign escorts in London. About twenty years ago, many London escorts were English, but now many of them come from abroad. Today, you can probably date a girl from any part of the world in London, and enjoy the pleasures she has to offer you.


My Sugar Baby agency focused on the best guys and the top girls. Unlike many other Sugar Babe agencies, you could not put up a profile and contact a girl. I am afraid that I was rather strict with my Sugar Daddies as I did not want them to waste the time of the Sugar Babes. Some of the Sugar Babes were top London escorts, and I know that many of them had tailored their dating profiles to only meet extra nice guys. I had done so myself, and it was something which had worked out for me. So, I made sure that my Sugar Daddies, and Sugar Babes, were indeed genuine.


Quickly I learned that not all Sugar Daddies wanted to date young Sugar Babes. I should really have known better as I had worked for a mature London escorts service. Many of the guys I dated had indeed enjoyed dating ladies in their mid 30’s or a bit older. They seemed to have had a lot more in common than just adult fun, and I soon realized that this would make the agency more sustainable. Before I knew, my mature ladies had become the backbone of the business, and to be fair to them, they seemed to be more dedicated to providing a good service, and stick to looking after their Sugar Daddies. If you would like to become a Sugar Babe, make sure you enjoy the company of guys, and are ready to have a good time with your Sugar Companion.

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