In many ways, I think that cheap London escorts are much more real.

Most of the girls that I date can give you a much better dating experience. A lot of elite escorts are very robotic, and it seems that they don’t enjoy their vocation. The cheap London escorts that I date seem to be more “into” dating if you know what I mean. Many of the girls who are cheap London escorts today, will become the elite escorts tomorrow. At the moment they are busy learning their vocation, or trade if you like, this is one the many things that make them unique. They haven’t as yet been taken over by the big agencies and told to do this and wear that. The girls are still allowed to be themselves and have some serious fun. You can often say that they aim to do just that, have some fun I mean.

Cheap London escorts of have more time for you. Yes, the hourly rates are lower, so you can afford to spend some more time with them. The other advantage of time is that you get the chance to get to know cheap London escorts better. You will find that your dates will last longer just because you can have a chat. The art of the chat is lost on elite escorts. They don’t have the time to talk to you that much. It is a bit like let’s get on with it so that I can earn some more money. You never get that feeling with cheap London escorts, and this is why it is easier to have a relationship with them than elite girls. An actual fruitful relationship can develop as most gents who date cheaper escorts, will spend more time with them, and perhaps even take them out for a drink or two. There is no way; you would be able to afford to go out with an elite girl for drinks unless you are a multi-millionaire that is.

Can you have a long term relationship with cheap London escorts? Of course, you can. The truth is that most cheap London escorts that I have dated work longer for an agency than elite girls. Most of them are from abroad and are learning the escorts service like I first said. Also, fewer of them seem to be “chasing” the money. Elite girls are always after new jobs and want to work for agencies that would like to pay them £600 per hour. The girls who work for cheap agencies are happy with what they get paid. It is more money than they would be able to earn in the country of their origin, and that feels good to them. Some of them do move on, but most of them do stay with the agency for a longer period. In that sort of sense, it is easier to have a better relationship with them.

Elite girls are so fake. Many elite girls seem to have earned pots of money only to blow it on enhancement surgery. I hate all of these pouting lips, and over the top breast implants. I don’t know if they realise, but some of these girls look like cheap Las Vegas hookers by the time they have finished. It really puts gents like me off. I prefer dating, and being with, real women who have real bodies. This love of fake stuff will sink the industry one day. What ever happened to genuine beauty?

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