london escorts give their top 4 seduction tips

How to seduce a man


I am not sure that I am very good at seduction, but I am very good at drawing men close to me. When I was a little girl, men just to flock to me and all of my girlfriends at school were a little bit jealous of me. It seemed that I had that certain something a lot of men were after, and I guess that I have still got that today. Working for London escorts is right up my street, and I am one of the most successful escorts at our London escorts agency in central London.


It did not take me very long to get there. My first date at the London escorts service at Charlotte Epsom Escorts that I work for, was with a gentleman who was very well off. He had asked me to a top London hotel for a dinner date, and arranged for me to have a room overnight. As we were going up in the lift, I unbuttoned his shirt and exhaled against his bare chest. I could just feel him getting excited, and after that first date, he became my first regular at London escorts.


There are many ways of seducing men. Most men that I have met get turned on by a little bit of food play. I love to go on dinner dates, and very accidentally drop a strawberry in my champagne. I then take it out, and suck it dry very slowly. Most men I meet at London escorts seem to get seduced by that. They sort of lean forward and look at you a little bit more intensively. It is one of my favorite tricks and I have shared with my friends at London escorts.


Flashing off your stocking tops works as well. I know that it sounds silly and is a bit of an old trick, but believe it or not, it still works. One of the girls that I work with at London escorts was making this big deal about it. Honestly, I have been doing since I first wore stockings so I know that it is one of the best tactics to seduce men, and I must admit that all of my dates at London escorts seem to enjoy it. Men are so gullible when it comes to things like this.


Another tricks is to talk to your man about his favorite topic. I know that most men I date at London escorts either like cars or football. If you start talking to men about something they are interested in, they normally think that you are paying them personal attention. That is really what men crave. If you can make a modern man feel like an old-fashioned superhero, you are bound to win his heart. I love that, and if you think about it, seducing men is not that hard. Seducing women – well, that is a totally different story, and it can be a lot more challenging. I am not sure if a man has ever really been able to seduce me.

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